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Reset $45 

Renew your skin with a cleanse, peel, and lymphatic drainage massage. 

Detox $45 

Clear and unclog congested pores with extractions and microdermabrasion. Includes  calming facial massage. 

Hydrate $65

Restore skin’s moisture barrier with oxygen therapy and a facial contouring massage  leaving skin hydrated and supple.  

Soothe $75 

Calm, red, inflames skin with light therapy and an intensive calming mask

The House Facial $100 

Your good old fashioned facial includes an oxidant rich cleanse, microdermabrasion,  extractions, replenishing masque and toning massage. A SKĒN babe favorite. It’s also  good for a pick-me-up in between monthly treatments.  

The Signature $120 

This skin treatment is specifically tailored to the client’s skin. Each product is hand  selected regarding skin concerns and desired results. Includes scalp massage.  

Dermaplane $100 

Consists of using a surgical grade blade to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz that  trap dirt and oil. This treatment helps fade acne scars, improves texture, smoothes the  face, and increases product penetration. Last, but not least, this treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines. For enhanced results, you can add a chemical peel for an  additional charge. 

Chemical Peel $95 

Along with microdermabrasion, a solution is applied to the face chemically inducing  exfoliation. This facial balances texture, fades discoloration and acne scars, minimizes  pores, erases fine lines, and prevents future breakouts by unclogging pores. There is little  to no downtime for this treatment, peeling typically resolves around 5 days.  

TCA Peel $200

A trichloroacetic acid solution is applied to the face in a controlled manner. This is a deep  peel that significantly improves the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles, and stubborn  discoloration. Downtime for this peel is 7-10 days.  

Body Detox $185 

This can be performed on the décolletage and back. High frequency is involved in this  treatment, killing bacteria and improving texture and tone. The use of medicated acne  products decreases the production of acne, while treating active breakouts. 


Pick one or more to add to your service. 

Nourishing Lip Treatment $7 

Soothing and conditioning lip masque. 

Facial Contour Massage $10 

Define your facial structure with a sculpting massage. 

Hydrating Hand Masque $8 

Infuse your hands with nourishing ingredients. 

Gua Sha Sculpting $8 

Define your facial structure with a sculpting massage using gua sha technique. 

Collagen Eye Treatment $15

Targets puffiness, wrinkles, and bags. leaves skin smooth and supple. 

Tightening & Firming neck mask $30 

Improve the visible appearance of firmness and elasticity of the skin. 

Stimulating Scalp Massage $25 

End your treatment with a relaxing massage that relieves muscle tension and promotes  hair growth. 

Biocellulose Mask $12 

This soothing masque creates a hydrophilic barrier to help facilitate the recovery process  for compromised skin. Great for post procedural skin, or a weekly hydrating pick me up.