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CoolSculpting® Overview

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment that can help reduce stubborn, unwanted fat that remains even after diet and exercise. This safe and effective technology identifies and eliminates fat cells using a controlled cooling technique.

CoolSculpting® treatment involves no surgery or downtime. Patients at Oklahoma Plastic Surgery can enjoy their CoolSculpting® treatment by leisurely reading a book, watching a movie, or simply relaxing during each treatment.

CoolSculpting® is FDA-approved, non-invasive, and performed worldwide. The treatment is effective on diet and exercise-resistant fat and can reduce fat layers by 20-25% per treatment. 


CoolSculpting® Treatment Technique

CoolSculpting® uses a method called cryolipolysis, which cools the fat in the body to break down the fat cells. The exposure to cooling causes the fat cells to go through a natural removal process, gradually reducing the fat layer. The fat cells in the treated area are gently removed through the body’s natural metabolic process

At the outset of the treatment, the CoolSculpting® device is positioned on the target area of the patient, and the skin is set between two cooling panels. This feels like a firm pull and compression, which provides enough pressure to ensure that the soft tissue will be effectively cooled. 

The device is left in place between about 35 minutes to an hour. 


CoolSculpting® FAQs

What results can I expect from CoolSculpting®?

Patients begin to notice changes in their appearance in as little as three weeks after the first CoolSculpting® treatment. Maximum results will show between 1 and 3 months following your appointment. Additional treatments can be administered 2 to 4 months after the initial treatment for enhanced results.

What is recovery from CoolSculpting® like?

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment, meaning patients are able to return to normal activities immediately after their appointment – patients can go back to work, exercise, or run errands without interruption. The treated area may appear red, which can last for several hours following the treatment. There may be some localized bruising or swelling on the treated area that will clear within a few weeks. 

Do CoolSculpting® results last?

Patients show consistent results from CoolSculpting® for at least six months after the treatment. Results are expected to last about as long as fat cells that are removed from invasive procedures such as liposuction. 

Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting®?

The ideal CoolSculpting® candidates are individuals seeking spot reduction for specific, stubborn areas of fat without the use of surgical procedures. CoolSculpting® is not suited for overall weight loss or as a treatment for obesity. 

Ideal candidates are at or near a healthy weight – most healthy individuals with problem areas of fat are able to achieve excellent results from CoolSculpting® treatment.