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Be in the know on why Pico Way is the best

By: Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons

Be in the know on why Pico Way is the best

Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons uses the most advanced laser technology in today’s market for tattoo removal.  Dr. Webster and his staff pride themselves knowing we are providing our patients the fastest picosecond laser that is developed today, the PicoWay®.

Pico laser with text that reads, PicoWay laser technology is the most effective tattoo removal treatment on the market

What does it mean to have a “fast” laser?

Laser treatments are all about delivering energy to a certain part of this skin based on the color of the imperfection targeted and its water content. Energy can generate heat (in the same way a fire produces energy and warms us). As you can imagine, heat can be bad when treating skin. Overheating can cause damage. So, what we want to accomplish is to deliver as much energy as possible to remove imperfections, stimulate collagen and elastin or even destroy tattoo ink without generating too much heat. The faster the energy can be delivered, the better this goal is accomplished. Q-Switch lasers, better known as nanosecond lasers, use a thermal energy delivery system over a longer period of time. Thermal energy is the main source of SIDE EFFECTS and LOWER EFFICACY.


Why we deliver the best

PicoWay® is the clear solution for tattoo removal because it offers dual wavelengths, highest peak power, and the shortest pulse per second.

Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons uses the PicoWay® not only because it provides the fastest picosecond but, it delivers energy in a photo-acoustic manner. This type of delivery is like a shockwave that cavitates (busts up) the pigment/ink into smaller particles for the body to easily remove using the lymphatic system.

Oklahoma Plastic Surgeons stands above all others when it comes to laser tattoo removal.  The benefits that our patients receive using the PicoWay® is minimal discomfort, fewer treatments, and faster results with better clearance at minimized risk.

If you are looking for even a faster clearance removing your tattoo call today and ask about the PFD Patch


Bar code tattoo on man's neck
Back of a man's neck showing removal of tattoo by Pico laser

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