July Update

Aknetrol removes impurities, clears clogged pores and reduces redness. The main ingredient in aknetrol is micronized  benzoyl peroxide 10%. Before I use aknetrol I wash my face with oilacleanse followed by the TE pads and then apply the aknetrol on the affected areas up to 3 times daily.

This product is not only affective on your face, it can also be used on your back. Yes! Your back can get acne also. I never had acne on my back until now (because I’m pregnant) and I used the aknetrol on it 3 times a day and it cleared it right up! I love this product!

If you are interested in this product it can be purchased in the office of Dr. Clinton Webster M.D. or by going to clintonwebstermd.com and clicking on the Zo store icon and entering the code DRCWEBSTER 

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